World Health Organization
Multilingual communications

Our first campaign for WHO was World Immunization Week in 2012. We had worked on a number of publications before this, and created the visual identity for the GIVS programme, and in 2012 we brought all these elements together to create a global identity for one of WHO’s key activity areas.

The “Protect your world – get vaccinated” campaign featured a simple cube and an interlinked chain of multinational figures, making the notion of herd immunity visible in an instantly-understandable and friendly way.

Since then we have worked on a wide variety of campaigns and publications for WHO in all 6 official UN languages, including the design of the internal Campaigns Handbook for the Department of Communications, and an ongoing collaboration to improve communication globally around Noncommunicable diseases, a complex and miultifaceted project over 2 years.

What we did

Visual Identity / Website Design / Communications Strategy / Naming / Project Management / Graphic Design / Video / Exhibition Design

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