World Health Day 2016
Simplifying a complex message

This is the third time that we have delivered creative work for World Health Day, one of WHO’s main health campaigns.

In 2013 we created the “under pressure?” campaign to fight hypertension, providing campaign tools in 6 languages and numerous formats. In 2015 we tackled food safety with a campaign whose video was featured on CNN. The 2 minute video was filmed in countries around the world, each participant working to a script we developed so that a truly global effort was involved.

We were delighted when CNN once again featured our campaign video in 2016, and even more proud when it was the featured video on the United Nations website homepage, endorsed by the Secretary-General.

More than ever this campaign, with its hand-drawn superhero theme and brightly-coloured visuals, was designed to be social media friendly, and social media activity around World Health Day was key to the success of the campaign.

What we did

Visual Identity / Communications Strategy / Project Management / Graphic Design

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