Charmey Tourisme

We have worked with the Tourist Office in Charmey since 2012, when we created a slogan and visual identity for the destination as part of a wider project working for Enjoy Switzerland, the product development arm of the Swiss national tourist board.

We identified a separate market segment for each of the 12 destinations within Fribourg Region, minimising overlap between the areas, and then developed a slogan and logo for each. These slogans were market tested locally and online to confirm that they aligned with visitors’ perceptions of each destination before being finalised.

Charmey was one of three destinations in the region for whom we went on to create detailed visual identities. At Charmey we have designed signage for the Tourist Office and the village entry points in the district, as well as saleable merchandise and publications. In 2016 we are providing the destination with a new interactive marketing tool by launching the new website,

What we did

Visual Identity / Website Design / Website Development / Graphc Design / Project Management / Signage

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