Early Beck
A fresh identity and packaging design

We are proud to have been working with Early Beck for almost 10 years, developing packaging, marketing materials and signage for their steadily growing roster of shops and cafés.

The design of the Early Beck logo and packaging is based on an original découpage by Marianne Dubuis, a découpage artist who lives and works just a few miles down the road from the Early Beck craft bakery. Marianne’s hand-crafted vignettes of daily life in the bakery and the region reflect the care and attention that Early Beck devotes to every aspect of their baking.

The vibrant orange of this visual identity sets it apart from traditional bakery packaging, and positions Early Beck as the premium bakery within the region. The products make excellent gifts, and even a lunchtime sandwich becomes a special treat when it is presented with such care.


What we did

Visual Identity / Graphic Design / Packaging / Communications Strategy

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