Habiter Estavayer
Enhancing the sales experience

This is our second real estate project with GeFiSWISS, and involves a long-term collaboration to promote a development that will be constructed over a period of several years.

We collaborated on the marketing and sales strategy for the apartments from the very inception of the project, and created the name Les Portes du Lac and and the visual identity to pre-sell the development to key local stakeholders long before contruction began.

Since then we have worked on all the marketing materials, both onsite and online, and we also designed the Sales Office (our fourth) in Estavayer-le-Lac, managing shopfitters and AV suppliers to ensure a high quality experience for potential buyers.

Together with signage for the building site and communications specifically targeted to the local community, it has helped to ensure that this large development is seen by the local community as a positive move and a great asset for the region.


What we did

Graphic Design / Retail Design / Project Management

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