On the road to global success

We are proud to work with Cailler, based just 5 km from us at Maison Cailler in Broc. Many of us grew up with Cailler, so it’s a brand we know well as consumers, and we understand why it is loved throughout Switzerland.

Our task has been to make it loved beyond Switzerland, and we developed new packaging for Cailler products to do this, launching it on the international market in 2015 through airport retail around the world and online sales. We managed the design of every aspect of the packaging, from the internal tray to the intricate découpage on each pack, and then developed Point of Sale and promotional materials to carry the on-pack storytelling onto retailers’ shelves and beyond.

We are currently working with Cailler International on expansion plans for Asia, with shop designs, pop-up stores and packaging tailored to these markets. Reaction to the Cailler products has been extremely positive in these areas, where a distinctive premium chocolate line with 200 years of Swiss heritage is a prized gift and a genuine treat.

For the distinctive découpage that tells so much of the story of Cailler, we worked with Marianne Dubuis, a talented découpage artist with whom we work regularly.

What we did

Graphic Style / Packaging / Retail Design / Naming / Copywriting / Project Management

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